Sunday, November 25, 2012


Hello again,

So now everybody know! What a relief! Clappie told his parents, I told mine already a while ago. We told our friends & family through this blog. The only ones we did not tell are our colleagues. Since we are leaving in 9,5 months, we still have to work for a while . We want to work till the end of August, and then have a couple of days to prepare before we leave. It is scary to think they might find out, so I decided to change our picture on the blog. In this way, we cannot be traced! Fake names & no pics, perfect! :-)
We both want to take time credit at work, which means we will take a leave of absence at work for 8 months. When we'll come back, we'll have our old jobs back. This will make it easier to get back on our feet. We will need the money to find a new apartment, since we decided to not sublet our current apartment. Instead, we are moving out of our apartment in the city the 1st of August. We are going to move in with my dad for 5 weeks before we leave. I feel a bit ridiculous to move in with my dad at the age of 29. Clap will even be 30 at that point (!) :-). Still, it is only temporarily, and it will allow us to save 1500€ extra!
When we come back in May 2014, we'll immediately start working again. We will still be with my dad, and this again will allow us to save up some money quickly so we can move back to Antwerp in the summer.
May 2014, it sounds so far away! I remember we used to talk about a world trip 3 years ago. We always had 2013/2014 in mind. And it seemed an eternity away. Now, it's only 9,5 more months... Time flies. And you'd better make the best of it. When I think about my life, I realise that I am a very impulsive person. I can decide to do something, and go for it a 100%. I realise that maybe I will make some mistakes along the way. But that's life. You cannot stop living just because you are afraid to make a mistake! You cannot predict the future, you can never know what is going to happen. Even if you stay in your safe world of habits and comfort, unhappiness can crawl up on you and mistakes can be made. It is the same for me with the trip we are taking. Some people give us comments such as: What about your job? Aren't you afraid to ruin your career? What about your apartment? Why don't you use all that money to buy a house? You are already 28, don't you want children? etc etc etc.
I don't live for my job. My job is there to keep me alive. A career is great, but life is more important. I would also love to own a house, but I would rather wait a couple of years to figure out where I want to live and settle down, before I become a slave of the bank for another 30 years. Children? Bwa, we'll see. I'm ONLY 28 :D ;)
My point: maybe I'll make some mistakes, but at least I will have seen the world. And it will be LEGEN - wait for it...............................................................................


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