Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hello everybody,

My first time every on this blog. Wow! This makes it all more real!
This blog will serve as a countdown to our round the world trip that we are planning to take in September 2013. So that is about 10 months for you to still enjoy our lovely company :-) We are slowely planning our trip and decided to stay away for 8 months, so we would return the middle of May. The countries we decided to visit are the following:

New Zealand

We realise that this can still change, and some countries might be added. I would love to go to the Fiji Islands for example, but we need to see if this fits in our budget. Since we only decided to leave on this world trip a couple of months ago, we only started saving at that point. We had a small amount of savings, but not enough take a world trip ;) Furthermore, we have rent and bills to pay, so it's not very easy to save a lot of money. I stopped buying clothes, we stopped going out for dinner so much ;), we stopped buying furniture for the house, and we decided not to go on any other trip this year (originally we wanted to go to Rome to Xmas, thank you for the free cancellation option :D). This should give us a total of savings of about K25 to K30, hopefully. We do not want to work during our trip, but really enjoy all the places we are going to visit as much as possible. Bearing this in mind, it makes it easier to give up dinners and clothes! In the end, life stay the same when you spend less. It is just a mindset in the end... You can enjoy life just as much without all this expensive stuff!

For the rest, I'm taking a bit of a risk creating this blog, since my colleagues could find out.... I am not planning on quiting my job, but taking a leaf of absence. So I hope I can keep this blog hidden from them. If anyone would read it anyway, plz don't tell the partners! ;)
This is the reason why I am not using our real names in the blog, but our alter ego's: Marz (the nickname Clappie Always uses for me) and Clap or Clappie (what I always call him :) ). Or "pies", from cutie pie and sweetie pie, is a very common reference! Hope you all don't mind :).

Thanks for reading my first post on this blog. Other posts will follow soon....

A big kiss and hug to all,


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