Sunday, April 14, 2013

Follow up (April)

Hi all,

So... it's been a while! A lot of things have happened in these last 3 months. Work was super busy, and it was difficult to find the time to organise our trip. Coming home from work at 20h every night, makes me more determined then ever to do this trip though!
Claudio already requested time credit at his work, and the response was not that great. They only want to give him 4 months of time credit + 1 month of actual holidays. This would reduce our trip with 2 months. We would leave November and be back in the beginning of April. Claudio is trying to negotiate for one more month, so we could stay away till the end of April. Let's hope it will work! 6 or 7 months is not such a big difference, but only 5 would not be ideal.

In the meantime we decided that we will start our trip in Mexico. This will normally be in November 2013. We are planning to stay there for 4 weeks. First, we want to fly to Mexico city, and stay there for a couple of days. Then, we want to visit TeotihuacĂ n, were you  can see ancient pyramids. After that, we want to travel to Oaxaca, and later Puerto Escondido:

Later, we will move upwards towards Cancun. On our way, we will visit the ancient Maya cities and ruins. We will end our trip at the beach, in Tulum & Cancun - hopefully without hurricanes :-)

At the beginning of December, we will go fly to Lima, Peru. After some days in Lima, we'll head to Cuzco. From there, we will go towards Machu Picchu. We are still undecided whether we are going to do the Inca trail or not. It is a 4 day hike that is rather challenging, but is supposed to be amazing.
After that, we would like to go to Arequipa, if time allows it. From there, we'll head to Lake Titicaca, and there we'll cross the border to go to Bolivia. There, we want to visit the Salar de Uyuni, which is basically a salt desert.

At this point, it will almost be Christmas and New Years, and for that, we would like to be in Buenos Aires, and enjoy city life for a week or so. After that, we want to visit the Iguazu Falls.

Here ends our American adventure. Mid January we will head towards New Zealand and we are planning to stay there for one month.
From here on we are just starting now to plan our route. We are thinking about several possibilities, different countries/cities, such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Beijing.... It will depend on how much time credit Claudio can take. We will know by the end of this month, and then we will start planning the second part of our trip. One country that we won't be able to visit will be Indonesia. There are showers every day in March & April. As a result, we chose to visit other countries, were the weather is better. Indonesia will be for another time... Maybe even the summer of 2014... We'll see!

We have also been looking for flights already. We found a round the world ticket for 2300 £ (which is +/- 2750 €). We are checking out some other options, but this one seems quite OK! Once we decided our whole trip, we will purchase our ticket.

I also wanted to say that from now on, comments are allowed on this blog! So feel free to leave comments!!

Thanks for reading, and hopefully next time and can bring some good news!

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